If you are thinking of sending us an enquiry here are a few of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ's) regarding our PU foam moulding processes.

Can you read CAD data?

Yes we can read most formats of CAD data but IGES is our always preference.

I don’t have CAD data what can else I send you?

We can quote from a drawing, sketches, photos or even samples, if you send us photos or sketches please remember to include some overall dimensions.

What else do you need to provide a quotation?

We also need to know the volumes, e.g... how many parts you would need per week/month/year, this helps us to provide you with accurate prices.  If you know the hardness and density of the parts you require this will also help.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all this information, we are here to help you so just email us or call us and we can advise you.

Will I need to purchase tooling?

Yes - all our parts are custom moulded and will require mould tooling, if you already have mould tooling we may be able to use this so please email us with the details.  We will provide you with our prices for tooling based on the volume of parts you need to purchase, this will range from resin tooling through to production aluminium tooling depending on the volume of parts.

How long will it take for me to get my parts?

This depends on the complexity of the parts and the data we work from.  For example if we work from CAD data then typically;

Rapid prototype PU mouldings - 7/10 days
Low volume or more complex prototype PU Mouldings - typically 3/4 weeks
Production PU Mouldings - typically 4/5 weeks

These are only guidelines, our quotation will state a more accurate delivery.

What colours do you mould?

Integral skin PU mouldings can be any colour, we can colour match an existing sample or you can provide us with a RAL number.  Our flexible and rigid foam is generally only natural colour but we can can change this if required.

How much will my foam parts cost?

This will depend on the complexity of the parts, the number of parts you want to purchase and the overall size of the parts.  Generally the more parts you purchase the cheaper they are, we can provide you with costings for different batch sizes if required.

Can you mould inserts into the parts?

Yes we mould most types of inserts into parts including... stems, wires, velcro, metal plates, foam blocks etc.. into our foam mouldings.

Do you mould fire retardant foam parts?

Yes there are a number of options for fire retardant foam parts, contact us for further information.

Do you mould prototype parts?

Yes we offer a unique rapid tooling system that allows us to go from CAD to moulded part in days, the tooling can be easily modified so is ideal for part development.

I am not sure of the hardness/density required?

Don’t worry, we generally mould a set of first off parts in a range of hardness/density this helps you decide on a final hardness for your parts.

Please contact us with your sales enquiry.



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