Bentley Motors

The challenge

Bentley Motors is a British manufacturer of luxury cars and SUVs, continually developing new and exciting vehicle interiors, Bentley always push the boundaries on seat foam design and require production quality seating foams for prototype test and validation of vehicles in very short lead-times.

The solution

Rojac’s rapid tooling and moulding services go from CAD to moulded automotive seating foams typically in 7-10 working days, these foams are production intent and include dual hardness, moulded in clips, inserts, trim wires, velcro and frames as required.

The outcome

On multiple Bentley projects, complete car sets of foams have been supplied, these foams are production intent and can be moulded to specified density and hardness.

The foams are fully hardness tested and often a range of harnesses are supplied to allow for trim and comfort development. Any modifications are easily incorporated in the rapid tooling as the tooling has no heating channels so material on or off is usually possible.

Foam Seating

"A rapid service for foam seating development, Rojac have worked with me on a number of projects supporting technically challenging foam seat prototype foams in a fraction of the time traditionally required for foam seat moulding”.

Chris Park
Design Engineer
Seating and Restraints Engineering

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