Can you Mould Polyurethane foam in production?

Rojac specialise in full volume specialist PU foam moulding programmes.

We can mould any number of parts from a just few prototypes to thousands of foams, we mould in volume production for a number of prestigious clients with weekly deliveries working to demanding delivery schedules.

With several production moulding lines including 6 axis robotic pouring an automotive seat foam production carousel and several smaller part turntables Rojac support higher volume moulding of polyurethane parts for many prestigious clients.

  • 3 shifts - 24 hour production
  • High pressure foam machines 
  • Low pressure foam machines
  • Production carousel with Kuka Robot 6 axis
  • Production turntables
  • Free standing mould carriers
  • Moulded in inserts, wires, clips, Velcro, frames
  • Dual hardness moulded foams
  • Advanced product quality planning (APQP)

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