Graphite Flexible

Combustion modified high reliance (CMHR) flexible graphite filled In-tumescent seating foam

for Rail and Aerospace seating projects that need to meet high flammability requirements.


Rail and Aerospace seating foams


Ideal for projects that need to meet tough fire safety standards such as in the passenger transport markets especially rail and aerospace seating.

Hardness range

5 - 12 kPa

Density range

75 - 95 KgM3

Flammability and tests

Crib 7 - BS 5852: 2006 Clause 11 (composites) when carried out as a composite with fire blocker and covering materials.

BS EN ISO 3385: 2014 – Constant load pounding -Test PASS Extremely Severe

BS EN ISO 1798: 2008 - Tensile Elongation - PASS Extremely Severe

Moulded in Inserts

Trim wires, clips, wire frames, plywood, Velcro, fleeces etc.

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