Prototype Foam Moulding

Rapid Prototype Foam Moulding

From CAD to moulded production intent PU foams in typically 7-10 days.

Ideal for Automotive seat foam development.

Dual hardness, moulded in inserts including trim wires, Velcro, wire frames and clips, production intent foams for trim development, comfort trials and H point adjustment, DV builds, including variable hardness and density.

Design changes? No problem rapid tooling can be modified material on or off.

This process has been successfully used for many vehicle seating projects allowing our customers to rapidly develop seat designs, foam hardness and comfort trials in a fraction of the time traditionally taken to develop seating for new vehicles.

Process – 7-10 days

1.Rapid Quote

Send us your CAD data in IGES, STEP or Catia and we will quickly provide you with a competitive quotation for our rapid  tooling and moulding  services.  If you have no data we can scan an existing part back to CAD.

2.Rapid tooling design & manufacture

Rapid tooling designed and manufactured in days not weeks.

3.Rapid Foam

  • Hardness and density varied as required
  • Dual hardness
  • Moulded in inserts.
  • Used in the development of many new automotive projects


Parts hardness tested and full graphical reports supplied.

Milled Prototype Foams

CNC Milled foams are ideal for first off early prototype development and show cars.

Milling a wide range of PU foam hardness and densities including moulded blocks to production specifications.

CNC milling of full prototype seat sets and small components including armrests and headrests.

Milled foams can be manufactured to include dual hardness if required and include all inserts, Velcro, trim wires, clips, wire frames etc..

Send us your CAD files for a rapid quotation on milled PU foams.

For more than one off prototype foam please check out our rapid prototype foam moulding services.

Reverse Engineering

Where a customer has no CAD data or requires samples to be either replicated or scanned and altered Rojac utilise the latest in non-contact scanning technologies to reverse engineer samples supplied. CAD data can be reverse engineered back to fully surfaced CAD models and modified as required.

The resulting CAD design can then be used to CNC machine PU foam mould tooling either for rapid prototyping or aluminium tooling.

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