PU Foam Moulders Help & Technical advice

Rojac Urethane Ltd are one of the top PU Moulders in the UK serving a wide variety of market sectors.

Please feel free to contact us for any help or technical advice, whether your looking to develop new foam components and need help with design or you are not sure on hardness and density, which inserts can be used, the best PU foam for your parts or prices and delivery on tools and PU mouldings, we are here to help you.

Just give us a call on 01215026549 or email us we are happy the offer free technical advice.

If you have CAD data of your part send it to us, you can either email this or if its large send it via our WeTransfer account on our contact page.

We offer a vast range of PU foam mouldings with full control over both hardness and density.

Foam systems can be flexible, rigid or semi-rigid and include rigid PU foam, Integral skin PU foam (sometimes known as self skinning foam) and flexible foams. Polyurethane foams can be flame retardant if required and we can even formulate new special bespoke foam systems.

PU foam mouldings often include inserts these can be moulded into the foam and can include wires and frames, metal, stainless steel and aluminium brackets and plates, Velcro, clips, fleece, Miliken and other materials.

Rojac offer a full PU foam moulding service from prototype to full volume production, this includes foam CNC machining using our 7 axis robotic milling cell where we mould foam blocks to the required hardness and density that can be milled to 3D CAD data to develop prototype and low volume first off foam parts. Rapid tooling and foam moulding of PU foam parts going from CAD to moulded polyurethane parts in days. Rojac also offer full volume production PU moulding with robotic pouring, production carosels and turntables utilising both high and low pressure PU moulding machines.

Please email us or give us a call!

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