What CAD Formats can you read for PU Foam Moulding?

We can read most CAD formats including CATIA, IGES, STEP, STL, DXF etc..

STEP format is always our preference.

Send us your CAD files directly

If you need help with design or maybe have existing samples you need to copy or reverse engineer that’s not an issue, we have the ability to scan and reverse engineer existing parts, this can be contact or non-contact scanning so even soft foams can be reverse engineered back to CAD.

Once scanned the file produced is reverse engineered back to a CAD model which can be altered if required.

We then send the CAD models back to you for approval, if you don’t have CAD systems that’s not an issue as we can convert the CAD to a shareable 3D model and send you a link for a free online CAD viewer.

Basically, we can work from any CAD data format, samples, drawings, sketches or even just your ideas!

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