Mould tooling

Specialist engineers supplying engineering services and project management alongside design and manufature of mould tooling, jigs & fixtures, models, patterns and prototypes for a wide range of industries in a diverse range of market sectors including Aerspace, Automotive, Motorsport, Formula 1, Rail, Commercial Vehicles and more...

Utilising the latest CAD/CAM software packages alongside three and five axis CNC machining, we offer a rapid, high quality and cost effective service.  

Mould tooling

Design and CNC manufacture of mould tooling for prototype and production moulding including GRP resin tooling, Ureol tooling board tooling, cast aluminium and iron tooling, aluminium billet tooling.

Tooling manufactured includes;

  • Aerospace tooling
  • Carbon fibre composite mould tooling
  • Resin transfer moulds (RTM)
  • RIM and SRIM Tooling
  • PU Polyurthane Toling
  • VAC Tools
  • VAC/RIM Tools
  • Pre-Form Tools
  • Compression tooling
  • Superplastic tooling

pu seat mould tooling

PU foam Rapid Tooling

Low cost rapid urethane tooling - This process is often used in the place of milled foam parts for development and prototypes, the advantage against milled samples includes the fact that the low cost rapid mould tool can be produced in days not weeks and can be used to mould multiple parts, parts can be moulded to production specifications and harnesses and can include inserts and even be dual hardness if required.  Our rapid PU foam tooling can also be easily modified.

Typically we manufacture rapid tools and first off moulded parts in 7 days or less from receipt of CAD data.

Aluminium Billet Tools

Aluminium billet tooling, CNC machined to CAD data.

Benefits against cast tooling

  • Greater accuracy
  • No model or pattern required
  • Shorter lead-time
  • Lower cost
  • No sand inclusions
  • No porosity
  • Easy to modify
  • Good surface finish
  • Accurate machined joint lines (less flash)
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • More even heat distribution

Resin Tooling

GRP resin tooling for low volume or prototypes

Cast Aluminum tooling

For higher volume parts with cast in stainless steel pipe work for heating.


Specialist in the design and manufacture of both CNC and traditional patterns and tooling.

  • CNC Patternmaking
  • Traditional patternmaking
  • CAD/CAM manufacture
  • Resin and metal patternmaking
  • Modelmaking
  • Fully skilled workforce enabling us to work from CAD data, drawings or samples supplied.
  • Prototype development of parts and tooling
  • Leading West Midlands patternmakers


Full CNC and manual modelmaking facility for prototypes and development projects.

  • Models produced include;
  • Master models
  • Scale models
  • Polystyrene models and patterns
  • CNC machined models
  • Ureol tooling board models
  • Prototypes and tooling
  • Development projects
  • Lay-up models

Jigs and Fixtures

  • Assembly jigs
  • Drilling fixtures
  • Machining fixtures
  • Holding Fixtures
  • Trimming fixtures
  • Bonding fixtures
  • Inspection fixtures

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