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We specialise in providing OEM Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers from a range of sectors with the tools and services they need to take a seating idea from design to prototype and beyond.

CNC Milling and Moulding of all PU Foams

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CNC Milled Prototype Seat Foams

CNC machined seat foam cushions, seatbacks, headrests and armrests are milled from in-house pre-moulded foam blocks allowing us to match the production PU foam system plus hardness and density, the milled seat cushion foams can include dual hardness, inserts, wires, clips, hook & loop systems, EPP and can also have a unique synthetic skin applied to represent production moulded seat cushion foams.

Foams can be CNC milled from pre-moulded soft high resilience flexible foams to FMVSS302 for automotive, CMHR flame retardant foams to Crib 5 – BS 5852 for mass transit seating and graphite foams flame retardant to CRIB 7 for rail and aerospace seating.

Rapid machining manufacture of polyurethane foam seating, headrests, armrests and soft trim for prototype, comfort and design evaluation with no tooling investment.

  • Full seat sets, front and rear, seat cushions, backs, headrests and armrests
  • Synthetic skin applied to milled machined seat foams if required.
  • Machined foam prototypes for Automotive, Aerospace, Rail, medical etc.
  • CNC cutting from CAD to parts in days.
  • Milled from pre-moulded foam blocks to match production PU foam system.
  • Hardness, density, comfort and flammability controlled.
  • Dual hardness CNC seat foam cutting.
  • Includes all inserts, wires, clips, hook & loop systems etc.
  • No tooling investment required.
  • CNC machining of seat foams Automotive grade, graphite or CMHR foams.

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    CNC Foam Cutting

    Direct from CAD accurate and rapid CNC Machining of soft and rigid polyurethane foams, expanded polypropylene (EPP), tooling boards, resins and polystyrene. Having the in-house ability to mould bespoke foam blocks to given hardness, density and flame retardancy allows for a flexible solution to CNC machine cut foam parts.

    Our huge 7 Axis Robot Milling Cells with rotary tables plus Autodesk® PowerMill Robot software bring a high level of flexibility for fast accurate robot milling of foam seating and interior trim, sculptures, statues, exhibition, point of sale models and large-scale artwork, scaled-up models and patterns for advertising projects, film and television production and commercial events.

    Our Robot machining cells are capable of producing the highest quality complex and unusual geometries including complex undercuts and 3D objects with a massive reach and a 3D workspace that include 10-station tool changers giving automatic flexible tooling selection for specific material removal.

    7 Axis Robot CNC Milling Working Envelope

    prototype foam milling prototype