Polyurethane Foam Moulders

Milling and Moulding of all PU Foams

Flexible - Rigid - Integral Skin

UK West Midlands based prototype and production PU moulders
from first off and low volumes right through to full production foam moulding.

The complete end-to-end solution

UK based PU Foam moulders from development through to prototype and full volume production foam moulding.

Specialist Polyurethane Development


Specialist Polyurethane Development

Polyurethane Foam Moulders

Prototype Foam Moulders


Prototype Foam Moulders

Polyurethane Foam Moulding

High Volume Production Foam Moulders


High Volume Production Foam Moulders

Specialist Polyurethane Development

With a wealth of experience in PU foam technologies Rojac have the capability and knowledge to develop, prototype and production mould your polyurethane projects.

Working from CAD data, samples, drawings or even just sketches we will advise on tooling and PU foam systems to suit your requirements.

Collaborating with our or polyurethane raw material suppliers we can advise materials based on your parts requirements, we also develop new and variations of existing PU systems pushing the boundaries on hardness, dual hardness, densities, flame redundancy, durability, inserts and more.

With an in-depth knowledge in PU foam moulding Rojac offer a first class service in tooling design, manufacture and PU foam moulding to a wide variety of industries and a broad range of applications.

Product Development Prototyping

Prototype milled foams CNC machined to CAD data for one off quick prototypes and low volumes.
Foam mouldings typically in 7-10 days from CAD to moulded PU part, comfort and trim trials, quick and cost-effective modifications to tooling to allow fast product development.

  • Production representitive parts in days
  • CNC machining foams, EPP, modelboards, polystyrene
  • Dual hardness
  • Moulded in inserts, wires, clips, velcro
  • Multiple parts with a range of hardness and density

High Volume Production

Full volume production foam moulding utilising robotic 6 axis pouring and production carousels, mould turntables and aluminium production PU foam tooling.

Production mould tools designed and UK manufactured in short lead-times.

Specialists in full volume specialist programmes and technically challenging parts.

Covering a multitude of sectors

Our extensive polyurethane foam moulding facilities include moulding dual hardness HR flexible PU foam, fire retardant crib 7 graphite foam,  fire retardant crib 5 melamine CMHR foam, Integral skin foam and rigid foams for a wide variety of market sectors including:



CNC Milling and Moulding of PU Foams

Rapid Prototyping 

CNC Milling and Moulding of PU Foams

Prototype low volume milling and moulding of PU foams from 3D CAD to parts in days

As one of the top PU Moulders in the UK serving a wide variety of market sectors, moulding a diverse range of bespoke products utilising the very latest in polyurethane moulding technologies.

From first off machined prototypes through to development of foams for comfort, trim development and prototype builds onto full production of moulded foam parts.

Prototype 7 axis CNC machining of foams, EPP, PU boards and polystyrene.
Prototype moulded foams to production quality in days not weeks.

Specialists in Automotive seat foam prototypes.


Rapid Prototype Foam Development

CNC Milling of foams

Prior to tooling investment Rojac can CNC machine your prototype foam parts from 3D CAD utilising their Robotic 7 axis CNC machining cell, materials milled can include flexible and rigid polyurethane foams, expanded polypropylene (EPP), PU boards and polystyrene. CNC milling of foams is ideal for first off and low volumes.

Rapid moulding of foams

Rapid tooling and production intent moulded foams, from CAD to moulded parts in typically 7 - 10 days.
Moulded foams can include dual hardness, moulded in inserts including trim wires, velcro, wire frames and clips.

Production intent foams for trim development, comfort trials and H point adjustment, DV builds, including variable hardness and density.This process has been successfully used for many vehicle seating projects allowing our customers to rapidly develop seat designs, foam hardness and comfort trials in a fraction of the time traditionally taken to develop seating for new vehicles.

1. Rapid Quote - Send us your CAD and we will quickly provide you with a competitive quotation for our rapid prototype foam milling and moulding services.

2. Rapid 7 axis CNC milling - Prototype foams milled from 3D CAD data in days, ideal for first off and low volume parts prior to tooling investment.

3. Rapid Foam Moulding

  • From CAD to moulded foams typically in 7-10 days
  • Rapid tooling process
  • Tooling can be modified material on or off
  • Production intent prototype moulded foams
  • Dual hardness moulded foams
  • Moulded in inserts, wires, clips, velcro and frames
  • Ideal for flexible, rigid and integral skin prototype moulding
  • Used in the development of many new automotive projects

4. Rapid Testing - Parts hardness tested and full graphical reports supplied.

Working with some of the best manufacturers on the planet...

PU Moulding for TriumphAerospace Polyurethane Moulders for LearPolyurethane Mouldings for Virgin AtlanticAutomotive PU Moulders for McLarenAutomotive PU Moulders for Aston MartinAircraft PU mouldings for BAE Systemsbentley.pngjaguar   land rover.png

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