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Rail Industry

PU Foam Moulded Components

Specialists in PU foam moulded components for the rail industries including fire retardant graphite filled CRIB 7 or Melamine CRIB 5 (CMHR) moulded seat foams, integral skin armrests and grab handles.

Graphite filled intumescent polyurethane foam solutions typically used for rail seating where fire retardant Crib 7 fire safety levels are specified.

fire retardant Integral skin foams are utilised in the rail industry typically for armrests and grab handles.

Rojac specialises in reverse engineering these parts when rail re-fits and refurbishments are required cutting costs by recovering the metal inserts moulded into the old worn out parts and re-moulding the parts utilising new tooling and the recovered inserts.

This system also allows for multiple colours to be moulded to match rail fleets as required.

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