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Foam Mould Tooling

Rojac specialises in the design and manufacture of polyurethane foam mould tooling, tooling can be a prototype of production and manufactured to form a range of materials. Polyurethane foam mould tooling is designed in house and manufactured by our experienced specially selected quality local toolmakers.

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Rojac Polyurethane Foam Moulding

PU foam Tooling

Tooling can be manufactured directly from CAD data including STEP, IGES and Catia or reverse engineered from samples supplied, we also offer a complete design service designing both components and tooling.

Foam mould tooling is designed to suit the volumes required along with the PU foam materials being used.

Tooling can include a location for inserts eg. trim wires, hook & loop systems, metal frames etc. A number of options are available for tooling to suit your budget and the volumes required.

Metal tooling for integral skin PU foams can also include texture/graining, there are many different textures that can be applied to foam tooling from basic shot-blasting to give a light texture to complex etching and graining.

Tooling is designed to fit our PU foam moulding presses or to be hand clamped to fit our various turntables. Metal tooling is water heated generally with cross-drilled heating water channels.

We can also accept and mould foams using free issue tooling that is in good working order.

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    Typical lead times from 3D CAD data to new finished foam mould tooling

    Tooling Type Typicial Lead-Times from CAD
    Rapid Prototype Tooling7-10 working days
    Aluminium Billet Tooling4-5 weeks
    GRP Resin Tooling5-6 weeks
    Cast Aluminium ToolingTo be advised

    Rapid prototype foam mould tooling guaranteed for a maximum of 100 parts

    • Rapid tools can be modified material on or off.
    • Aluminium tools can be modified material on or off subject to extent of mods required.
    • Foams moulded from all tools are production quality and can include moulded in clips, inserts, wires, hook & loop systems, frames etc.
    • Dual hardness
    • Variable hardness and density for comfort development.
    • Reverse engineering service from sample foam to CAD data