CMHR Flexible Foam

Combustion Modified High Reliance (CMHR) Flexible Foam

What is it?

Combustion modified high resilience flexible foam is a flame retardant flexible PU cold cure moulded MDI foam formulated for mass transit and furniture foams components

Where is it commonly used?

Mass transit, bus, coach, taxi, minibus seating foams, front seat cushion and back, rear seat cushion and back, centre consoles, headrests, armrests etc.. for transport seating. Domestic and commercial moulded furniture foams.

What are its advantages?

  • A high reliance flexible foam that complies with Crib 5 flammability with a wide hardness and density range and good physical properties.
  • Mouldings can be dual hardness with complex geometries.

Hardness range

4 – 25 kPa

Density range

50 – 18 KgM3

Flammability and Tests

Crib 5 – BS 5852

Moulded in Inserts

Trim wires, clips, wire frames, plywood, hook & loop systems, fleeces etc..

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