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5 Incredible Uses for Polyurethane Foam

One of the most versatile materials around, Polyurethane Foam is useful for a vast range of situations and applications. You may not even realise it, but you are likely using polyurethane foam right now, or at the very least, are close to a household or office item that utilises PU foam. Today, we will look at how polyurethane is used and some of the incredible things it can do.

Crops and Farming

Polyurethane’s ability to help grow crops is the most astounding and incredible way to use it, especially when you consider the implications of feeding those in need in areas without designated farmland. As a highly versatile and reusable material, polyurethane mattresses are currently being used to grow crops in refugee camps. The mattresses provide support for the plants and water and nutrients are pumped into the foam mattress, encouraging growth. For more information on how polyurethane is being used in low crop yielding settings, check out this link here.


Polyurethane is a common solution to many vehicle requirements, including transport seating, due to its comfort and durability. Besides seating, you will also encounter PU foam in the headrests and armrests, while even dashboards and roof liners may contain some PU foam, showing that it is often in many more places than expected. As polyurethane is so lightweight, vehicle manufacturers can reduce the overall weight of the car, which improves mileage and handling, making the vehicle more comfortable and safer to drive.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is another incredible use for PU foam. A type of low-density rigid foam is used during the construction of both residential and commercial properties to keep the temperature stable throughout the year. In winter, the property remains warm, while in the summer, you can enjoy a comfortably cool area. This will dramatically reduce energy bills, therefore helping the environment and maintaining your dedication to being more eco-friendly. Thermal insulation can be achieved through various applications of PU foam, spraying is a common method however using foam blocks or cavity injections are more practical.


If you are someone who loves to get out on the water and feel the cool ocean breeze, you might have PU foam to thank for making it such a fantastic experience. Polyurethane contributes to a wide variety of marine needs, including epoxy resins that seal the hull from water damage. For foam, it can make your boat feel more like a home, offering noise and thermal insulation and increasing the load-bearing capabilities without adding too much extra weight.

Athletic Footwear

There are more opportunities to get into shape than ever before, but you need the right gear to do so, including appropriate footwear, such as running shoes. Polyurethane foam is a common component of running shoes, as it provides the gentle cushioning you need to reduce the impact when running on hard ground like concrete pavements. This offers vital support and prevents injuries, enabling you to continue to perform at your best. Its elasticated qualities will also bring PU foam back to its original shape, which allows it to continue supporting you for many miles.

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