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5 Modifications to Turn Your Car Into a
Work of Art

Bespoke car modifications are essential for rolling up with a grand entrance. Any car enthusiast with the capital behind them may wish to make both vital and non-vital improvements to their ride. From iconic body kits to luxury seating – with a motor that screams high-end, turning heads has never been easier

Whilst some items on this list are well within the budget of the average car enthusiast; let’s assume that money and insurance premiums are nothing to worry about. Bear in mind that no matter how much cash lines your wallet, illegal car modifications are a no-go, and safety for yourself and others on the road should be considered of the up-most importance. Once you understand this, you can start turning your ordinary design into a unique work of art.

Custom Number Plate

What’s more unique than a custom license plate? For many, it feels like the zenith of luxury, as if you have finally Made It. While price ranges can vary from £150 all the way up to £518,000 (the most expensive license plate ever sold in the UK), they are relatively easy to obtain, with a range of services available, including direct from the DVLA.

Custom Polyurethane Foam Seating

Custom seating is certainly on the high-end of the cost spectrum. Due to the price, many will opt for seat coverings, but for those really looking to impress – bespoke polyurethane foam seating is the ultimate modification for luxurious vehicles. This car modification may seem farfetched, however, custom foam seating is commonly incorporated into designs by high-end car modifiers such as Overfinch and Kahn Automobiles. Companies like Rojac have been specialising in the production of low volume automotive seating for cars and most other vehicles in the automotive and transport industries.

Tinted Windows

There’s something about tinted windows that conjure up images of sophistication, celebrity possibilities and a little mystery. Besides this, they can also provide privacy, as well as insulating properties, which is beneficial on hot days. However, windows that are too tinted can have legal ramifications, so make sure that your front windscreen still allows 75% of light through, and your front side windows allow 70% to prevent any visibility issues.

Wheels and Alloys

Depending on the car you’re modifying, changing tyres doesn’t need to be a costly event. New tyres will instantly improve the performance and safety of your car, as well as providing that fresh look and feel. Replacing your alloys can really make your car stand out, whilst they can drastically vary in price; they also vary in colour, design and even feature spinning rims.

Body Modifications

Whether adding spoilers, adjusting the stance, or investing in a custom grille, you can always find a way to modify your car’s body. This can add a sporty feel to a not-so-sporty car, give it a touch of individualism, or even have practical purposes, such as protecting the vehicle from pebbles or the elements and increasing drag in the case of a spoiler.

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