Diamond Seating

The challenge

Diamond Seating refurbish the interiors of Britain's rolling stock, anywhere in the country, they strip existing seating and refurbish this back to a new condition, the seating often includes grab handles and armrests for both first and standard class carriages, these parts need to be refurbished back to a new condition and in many cases a completely different colour.

The solution

Rojac were commissioned by Diamond Seating to reverse engineer existing PU foam integral skin grab handles and armrests and produce new mould tooling, the old worn out parts are then delivered on a weekly basis, stripped by Rojac to reclaim the inserts then re-moulded using fire retardant integral skin PU foam within the same week allowing for a rapid turnaround by Diamond Seating when refitting and refurbishing the train interiors.

The outcome

Running two or three shifts moulding PU foam integral skin grab handles and armrests, Rojac provided a rapid quality service in re-moulding the grab handles and armrests to a new condition, being integral skin polyurethane foam the parts included texture and any required colour.

PU Foam Armrests

"Rojac Urethane Ltd have provided a rapid refurbishment programme for our grab handles and armrests, reverse engineering existing parts and re-moulding these utilising the existing inserts delivering a fist class reliable service”.

Tony Kilmartin
Works Director

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