Foam Testing

Moulded PU foams

are extensively tested as required for each market sector and customers quality standards.

Hardness testing utilising Testometric M500CT Universal testing machines running Integral PC system running winTest™ Analysis universal testing software is extensively carried out for prototype development; hardness test support jigs are generally required especially for automotive seating foams.

Polyurethane Foam production hardness testing and capability studies are also completed for all production PU foam moulding.

Where required 3rd party testing can be carried out typically for:

  • Surface Spread of flame
  • Flammability to various standards
  • Toxic fumes
  • Smoke density
  • Cone Calorimeter
  • Vertical burns test
  • Constant load pounding testing
  • Fire Risk Evaluation
Our automotive seating HR flexible foam systems have been extensively tested to JLR standards.

PU Foam Testing

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