Foam Tooling

PU foam Tooling

All foam mould tooling is designed in house, tooling can be manufactured directly from CAD data supplied or reverse engineered from samples, we also offer a complete design service designing both components and tooling.

Foam tooling is designed to suit the volumes required along with the PU foam materials being used.

A number of options are available for tooling to suit your budget and the volumes required.

Metal tooling for integral skin PU foams can also include texture / graining.

Tooling is designed to fit our PU foam moulding presses or to be hand clamped to fit various turntables.

Tooling type Typical Lead-times from CAD
Rapid Prototype Tooling 7-10 working days
Aluminium Billet Tooling 4-5 weeks
GRP Resin Tooling 5-6 weeks
Cast Aluminium Tooling To be advised

Rapid prototype tooling

guaranteed for a maximum of 100 parts

  • Rapid tools can be modified material on or off.
  • Aluminium tools can be modified material on or off subject to extent of mods required.
  • Foams moulded from all tools are production quality and can include moulded in clips, inserts, wires, velcro, frames etc..
  • Dual hardness
  • Variable hardness and density for comfort development.
  • Reverse engineering service from sample foam to CAD data

Foam Tooling

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