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How Polyurethane is Helping People Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

It is most likely something you have given very little thought to. But the fact is that polyurethane foam is helping people through the coronavirus pandemic. Never before, and hopefully, never again, will we see this incredible utilisation of polyurethane.

If you’re scratching your head right now, And wondering how exactly PU foam has helped you through the Coronavirus pandemic, then read on to find out more.


It’s important to cover this topic because hospitals have been incredibly overwhelmed with how many beds they’ve actually needed. In fact, in March the BBC reported that they needed thousands of extra beds and ventilators. Not to mention the medical staff, and the PPE to keep them safe.

There is nothing more important than ensuring people who have coronavirus, or other illnesses during the times of coronavirus, are comfortable and safe. If you’re wondering how polyurethane ties into all this, the hospital beds that are currently being used for COVID-19 patients, are polyurethane foam mattresses.

Both are comfortable, sanitary, and practical items. Also, hospital equipment and furniture including patient trolleys and stretchers are all over-moulded with integral skin PU foam, this gives a soft but hard-wearing coating that can be easily cleaned.


Very few countries use masks on a full-time basis. But recently the UK has seen an incredible increase in the use of masks. And of course, like anything, it is very important that people have comfortable safety items. While most people tried to get some of the disposable, more surgical looking masks. Many opted to go for a reusable, more economical, and eco-friendly option.

A polyurethane face mask is actually ideal for your needs.

In fact, you might already have one. A polyurethanes mask usually has elasticated soft ear loops, providing you with a snug fit, but also doesn’t put too much pressure on your ears.

Interestingly, polypropylene is the most common material used for a 3-ply surgical mask.

Health and Fitness

Gyms around the country closed, causing many people who need their daily dose of workout a bit of an issue. This saw a huge increase in the number of home workouts and gym equipment that people were purchasing. If you’re wondering exactly where polyurethane everything comes into this. Most weightlifting mats will be made from polyurethane, as well as yoga mats, dumbbells, cross-fit mats, even leg weights would most likely be made out of polyurethane foam.

Business Wire reported in May that fitness equipment sales had grown by 170% during coronavirus lockdown. And since fitness is a key pillar of mental health, it’s not surprising.

Making polyurethane items that almost all people will currently have in a home to help them keep fit during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact. It might surprise you just how many items in your home are made out of polyurethane.

Working from home

Almost the entire workforce, apart from frontline workers, ended up working at home. And well, most people had much of what they needed; there was a massive influx of office items that people needed—ranging from mouse mats to ergonomic office chairs.

Meaning that not only has polyurethane foam helped those who have coronavirus, stay comfortable and safe in hospitals. But it has been out on the face of millions of mask wearers and supported the work-from-home pivot.


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