Lear Corporation

The challenge

Lear Corporation are the world leader in luxury & performance automotive seating, the development of new seating projects involves extensive design and testing of seating foams, this can be for design, comfort, trim development and more, the challenge is completing these design and testing stages in a very short period of time allowing rapid development of seating foams through to full production moulding.

The solution

Over the years Rojac have worked closely with Lear Corporation to develop a range of solutions for rapid PU foam seat moulded parts, the rapid tooling and moulding process goes typically from CAD to moulded seat foams in days whereas aluminium tooling is manufactured to support prototype builds right through to production even supporting early production moulding or full volume specialist programmes if required.

The outcome

Rojac have supported Lear on many luxury & performance automotive seating projects, involved from early prototype right through to production often moulding technically challenging parts with dual hardness and multiple inserts. With our extensive experience in automotive seating foams Rojac offer a rapid reliable service.

Seat Foam Moulding

"Rojac Urethane Ltd have supported Lear Corporation UK on numerous automotive seating projects providing a first-class service for prototype and pre-production seat foam moulding and technical advice”.

Andy Smith
Engineering Project Manager

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