Polyurethane in the World of Exercise


Have you ever wondered what sports equipment is made out of and which materials provide the most benefits in the sporting world? Polyurethane foam is an essential element of the fitness industries that benefits athletes each and every day. Polyurethane is a member of a wide range of plastics and polymers. It can be solid or have an open cellular structure depending on how it is produced. If it resembles the latter then polyurethane will be foam. However, it’s worth noting that foam can still be either flexible or rigid.

PU foam is made by a wide variety of different companies including us here at Rojac. PU foam provides a lot of key benefits. For instance, it is versatile and lightweight while also remaining highly cost-effective. Let’s explore some of the key roles this material plays in the fitness world and why it can be so beneficial.


Helmets and Safety Mats


PU foam can also be used in both helmets and safety mats. Helmets that are used for cycling will typically consist of two main components. There will be a harder outer shell and an inner layer that absorbs energy, reducing the impact of a hard knock. PU foam can be used to both cushion and absorb the energy so that the impact of the knock is greatly reduced. This is particularly important in contact sports such as American football where protective helmets are used. It’s also interesting to note that the properties of the PU foam can be adjusted to create the desired effect.

This foam is also commonly used in safety equipment such as mats which are needed for various different sports including gymnastics as well as martial arts. PU foam can typically be found in mats for both high jumping and pole vaulting to ensure that individuals can be protected from impact.


Running Shoes


PU foam has also been found to be beneficial when used in running shoes. While most running shoe midsoles are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, PU foam can provide a wide range of different damping properties. Ultimately, this means that when used in running materials, PU can be more durable and resistant to issues with wear and tear. The shoes will remain comfortable for longer and help ensure that there is less pressure on key areas of the body when running including joints. As such, this could be a key way that polyurethane is used in future fitness equipment.




Polyurethane can also be used to create dumbbells and similar sports equipment. For this purpose, the material acts as another form of rubber with different chemical properties. The main difference between rubber and polyurethane is their soft or hard qualities. Usually, it will be harder than rubber. As such, it’s better for engraving and more resistant to issues with degradation. This makes it perfect for dumbbells.


We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that polyurethane and PU foam can be used in the fitness world and why it is so crucial for certain sports and activities.

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