What is hardness and density in relation to foam moulding?

Hardness and density are two separate characteristics in foam.

Hardness is the load bearing (firmness) of the foam.

Density is the weight per unit volume measured in KgM3.

Both hardness and density can be varied independently in foam mouldings and we very often mould a range of parts with a variable selection of hardness and density for the customer to approve at the beginning of each project.

The hardness of different foam systems is measured and reported in different ways, flexible foams for example tend to measured and reported in kPa’s (kilopascals) whereas integral skin foams are measured using Shore A.

Flexible foams are measured using our Testometric M500CT Universal testing machines running Integral PC system running winTest™ Analysis universal testing software.

Integral skin foams are measured using a durometer, shore Hardness is a measure of the hardness of a given material or how resistant it will be to indentation. It is measured by the depth of indentation that is created on the material with a specified force.

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