Polyurethane in the World of Exercise


Polyurethane in the World of Exercise Have you ever wondered what sports equipment is made out of and which materials provide the most benefits in the sporting world? Polyurethane foam is an essential element of the fitness industries that benefits athletes each and every day. Polyurethane is a member of a wide range of plastics…

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Polyurethane Being Used for Teeth Aligners

teeth aligners

                        The dental industry is constantly evolving and unveiling new ways that patients can improve their smile. Today, patients can benefit from the use of a new kind of braces called aligners that are made from polyurethane.   What Are Polyurethane Aligners? Aligners are…

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Applications for Polyurethane in Aerospace

polyurethane in aerospace

Applications for Polyurethane in Aerospace     Some industries simply cannot do without polyurethane. The aerospace industry is one of them. If you are wondering how polyurethane is the ideal material to be used in aerospace, then read on. Polyurethane foam While polyurethane foam is not usually relied upon for structural integrity, it can support…

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An Introduction to Polyurethane Within the Medical Industry

Medical Polyurethane

News & Blog \ An Introduction to Polyurethane Within the Medical Industry Polyurethanes and polyurethane foam are used in a variety of different medical applications including catheters and general-purpose tubing, head supports and armrests, hospital bedding, hygienic surgical drapes, dressings made for wounds and a range of injection moulded devices, too. The most common use…

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How is Polyurethane Foam Produced?

Polyurethane Foam Production

News & Blog \ How is Polyurethane Foam Produced? Does your car, kitchen sponge and mattress have anything in common? In fact, yes! They all heavily rely on flexible polyurethane foam, as do many other applications, ranging from the cushion you sit on, the filter in your vacuum cleaner, car seats, gym mats and handle…

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Why is Polyurethane So Essential for Cars

Polyurethane Car Seating

News & Blog \ Why Using Polyurethane In Cars Is So Important From as early as 1960, the automotive industry has adopted polyurethanes for many uses. After the invention of polyurethane (PU foam) in 1954, car manufacturers started to integrate rigid PU foam into the panels of many vehicles. In modern times, it’s not only…

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How Does Polyurethane Improve Our Daily Lives?

How Does Polyurethane Foam Improves Lives

News & Blog \ How Does Polyurethane Improve Our Daily Lives? Polyurethane is an extremely versatile material and is found in products all throughout the world. Many everyday items contain polyurethane in some form; it’s used in buildings, cars, shoes, mattresses and hundreds of other products too. Whilst reading this post you’re probably sitting on,…

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5 Incredible Uses of Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Shoe Sole Rojac

One of the most versatile materials around, Polyurethane Foam is useful for a vast range of situations and applications. You may not even realise it, but you are likely using polyurethane foam right now, or at the very least, are close to a household or office item that utilises PU foam

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